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Creating Magic Through Partners

A number of programs are designed for the youngest cruisers on board.

Onboard programming tailored for children who may be too young for surfing and skydiving is a crucial part of planning a family cruise vacation.  For some of the most important pint-sized passengers, creating memorable experiences requires ingenuity, creativity and a little help from the right partners.  Royal Caribbean has cultivated a number of programs with some of the biggest names in the business of entertaining children to create engaging experiences for kids at sea. 

Fisher-Price anchors the Royal Babies and Royal Tots Play Classes which provides structured entertainment for young children and maybe some new ideas for parents on blending learning and play when they get back home.  The programs come with their own toys and curricula created by early childhood development experts.  The onboard Toy Lending Program also makes prepping and packing for the trip easier.

Royal Caribbean’s Adventure Ocean program provides a natural lab for Crayola, the art supply giant, to introduce new and innovative products to children before they even hit the market.  Parents also discover different toys and games that they might not have noticed in a crowded marketplace.  

“Royal Caribbean has such a strong family brand our partnership has been a natural fit.  Having Crayola games, art supplies and instruction onboard has been a great way for us to extend our relationship with families and literally go with them on vacation.  For our families, we think our presence on the ship is a convenience, since their favorite Crayola products will be waiting for them, but also an opportunity to try out new products at no cost or risk.  We think this has been a partnership that has benefitted everyone,” said Stacy Gabrielle, spokesperson for Crayola.

Of course, sometimes it is just comforting to see a familiar face.  The cruise line’s partnership with DreamWorks ensures that there will always be friendly, familiar faces around from Shrek and Donkey to Kung Fu Panda and Alex and the gang from Madagascar.  These beloved characters table hop in the dining room, parade on deck and pose for photos.  Kids can take in The Madagascar Aqua Show or watch their favorite movies in 3D.

Mattel, the maker of Barbie, collaborated with Royal to create onboard experiences for children four to 11.  Barbie experiences range from in-cabin amenities to tea parties that entertain even as they gently coach young ladies on table manners.

The result is an opportunity for children to play, explore and learn while on a cruise.